Life In Jakarta’s Trash Dumps

A new documentary about the life of many Indonesians. (In Bahasa)

Mount Sinabung

Photos of the latest eruption.

Flooding and Jakarta’s Urban Poor – The Diplomat

From The Diplomat: “This is our home. If we move from here, we will have to pay rent somewhere. We cannot afford it so we will make do how to live with floods,” Helpful article outlining some of the complicated issues about the flooding and why people choose to suffer through it.    

Pray For Manado

Heavy rains are causing flash floods around the city of Manado in North Sulewesi. Thousands have been displaced and hundreds of homes flooded. Many are cut off form food and water. Read the coverage form The Jakarta Globe and from Antara News. UPDATE: CNN reports 13 dead and 40000 displaced by the floods.  

Indonesia by MissioGraphics

The awesome people at GMI have put together an informative info graphic about Indonesia. Be sure to check out the sponsors of the graphic: prayingforindonesia.comand