Why We Pray


This is the reason why we pray for the losts, the unreached people and Bibleless people in the world.

We pray because we know God will bend down and hear our prayer.

We pray because God will answer in His glory and glorified in all the answred prayers.

So thankful for every moment we cab pray, we seek Him and will be found by Him.

Pray for Jakarta

From the The 30 Days of Prayer Network:

“Here in Jakarta, all the threads come together as the politics and the economy of the nation are decided. Jakarta, while lacking any real power of attraction for tourists, holds much promise for every Indonesian who wishes to try his luck here. It is so alluring to the Indonesians, that as many as 26 million people live in the urban radius of influence of the city (known as Jabodetabek), and each year many hundreds of thousands more join them. Every ethnic group in Indonesia is represented in Jakarta; in the meantime the Muslim Betawi, the original settlers of the area, have shrunk to a small minority.”

Read the rest here.

And remember to pray for Jakarta.


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Happy Easter


Happy Easter!

Jesus came, live on earth and died for all of us for God’s purpose and to fulfill His highest calling. He died to obey his Father and for His glory.

He came to serve, not to be served. He set us an example to serve one another with love (John 13).

Jesus is the true vine where we are the branches found the source of life. We are called to abide in Jesus so we will bear fruits for the glory of God. We surrender to God and trust Him that His ways are always the best for us (John 15).

Jesus didn’t leave, nor forsake us. He prayed for us and He is still interceding for us before God. When we are in Jesus, we are one, just like Jesus and the Father are one. So the world may know God, the Father, through Jesus, in the unity of the believers (John 17).

Jesus was crucified because of the world sins, to be the perfect sacrifice to God, so we are reconciled with the Father, and have the eternal life with Him. Jesus defeated the death (John 19).

To know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death. Through Jesus’ suffering and death, we find the power of His resurrction and we become like Him (Philippians 3).

Who Shall Dwell in God’s Presence

Psalm 15 gives us the list of the characters of the people who shall dwell in God’s holy presence.

And they are:

1. Right doers who has clean and pure hearts (15:2)

2. Just and love their neighbors (15:3)

3. Fear God, faithful, have no doubt (15:4)

4. Not greedy and not love money (15:5)

Let’s pray together that God will help us to be the people who can stand in His holy presence. Holy Spirit will help if we ask humbly.

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