Pray for Jakarta

Heavy flooding has hit Indonesia’s capital in recent days and its Governor has declared a state of emergency. Flooding is usual in Jakarta but normally affects the lower lying areas of the city. This flood has inundated even the grounds of the Presidential Palace. At least ten thousand people have been displaced and the effects […]

Pray for Jakarta

From the The 30 Days of Prayer Network: “Here in Jakarta, all the threads come together as the politics and the economy of the nation are decided. Jakarta, while lacking any real power of attraction for tourists, holds much promise for every Indonesian who wishes to try his luck here. It is so alluring to […]

The land of Toraja’s Sizzling Highlights | The Jakarta Post

Visiting Indonesia will not be enough if you do not go and visit Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. It is only about 8 to 10 hours drive from the South Sulawesi Capital City, Makasar. A contributor writer from the Jakarta Post wrote a quite detail the reasons why you have you visit this town. Located in […]

Spring 2011 Scripture Celebration

Spring 2011 Scripture Celebration: ” By Angela Nelson Wycliffe celebrated twenty-eight newly translated Scriptures today at the Orlando headquarters. These Bibles came from all over the world—places like Peru, Cameroon, Ghana, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. The celebration included special music from Latin Grammy Nominee Lucia Parker, performances from the First Baptist Orlando Rejoice Dancers, […]