Pray for The Madura

Lift up the Madurapeople, the 3rd largest language group in Indonesia.

The Madura people speak Madurese(Bahasa Madura) and live mainly on the Isalnd of Madura and East Java, although there are communities of Madura in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Singapore.

They are considered least reached though the Bible is available in their language, along with audio lessons and The Jesus Film.
Learn more about the Madura, their language and their homeland.

Translation to Understanding

Translating for Understanding from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Fictional characters Christy and Kaiya work through a difficult Bible translation challenge. When cultural perspective changes the meaning of Scripture, the translation team has to work harder to make sure the translation communicates the true message of spiritual freedom God intended.

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They Have Their First New Testament

Today I read this exciting news posted by Wycliffe Bible Translator USA on their Facebook page, The people of Helong, Timor, Indonesia, received their first New Testament Bible!
How amazing and wonderful! I praise God for who He is, for the people of Helong and so thankful for the translators and consultants!
I can imagine the joy of the people when they can read the Word of God in their language, how beautiful and amazing the feeling of the people!
The same feeling I have when I read and hear God speaks in my own language, Manadonese, the language that so close to my heart.
Let’s pray that as they read the Word of God, He touches and gives them a heart to love and leads the people of Helong to worship God in fear of the Lord, thankful heart and awe!
Rejoice with Misriani Balle and the Helong people of Timor. For the first time they have the complete New Testament, plus Genesis!
About 900 people gathered to celebrate last week week.
In this photo, Misriani — the primary translator — sees the first copy of the Helong New Testament.
You can read more about the Helong New Testament project here:
To know more about Bible Translations works in the world and how you can get involved more in this mission work, you can visit Wycliffe Bible Translators and follow their Facebook page for update news.