Alune People Have God’s Word! And More Are Still Waiting…

Alune New Testament Dedication

It has been a long journey for the Alune people to receive the Word of God in their heart language. The Alune people live in Indonesia on an island that is part of the Maluku archipelago. There are around twenty thousand people in this language group. Once known as fierce warriors, a powerful Alune leader came to know Christ in 1920 and influenced many of his people to do the same. However, it wasn’t until 1986, when two Alune men sought help from foreign linguists, that the translation work of the New Testament was started.

During those twenty-six years, the translators faced many hardships. And in 1999, they had to evacuate to Australia due to civil unrest. Two full-time mother-tongue translators continued to receive further training and carry on the work, despite many hardships that they encountered along the way—bombs, life threatening experiences, illness within their families, helping others to deal with trauma, and countless more.

After twenty-six years of trials and perseverance, the Alune people are finally able to hold the finished work of their perseverance—God’s Word in the language of their heart.

(source: Wycliffe USA Blog)

There are more than 190 millions people in Indonesia who speak about 450 languages are waiting for God’s word available in their heart language, just like the people of Alune.

Would you be praying for them today?

Would you ask God to send His workers to go and bring the His word to those people who have been waiting for so long to hear His Kingdom News?

Would you ask God how He can use you bringing the Word to over 190 millions people of Indonesia?

Thank you for lifting them up today in your prayers! God is glorified in all the answers to your prayers!