The Dates Of Ramadan

The dates of Ramadan always change every year, here’s why:

The dates for Ramadan are established according to the Islamic lunar calendar of 354 days. Starting 11 days earlier each year, it takes about 33 years for the Islam calendar to go through all the seasons.

Because of the changing nature of the Islamic year the 2011 booklet is actually our 20th edition. There have been 20 Islamic lunar years since the beginning of “30 Days” in March 1993. This is the year 1432 of the Islamic lunar calendar.

“to open their eyes, so they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God. Then they will receive forgiveness for their sins and be given a place among God’s people, who are set apart by faith in me.” (Acts 26:18, NLT)

(C) 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

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