The People of Lampung Krui


Introduction / History

The Lampung Krui (or Kroe) are a small sub-group who are closely related to the Komering, a larger people group in the Lampung cluster. The Lampung Krui and Komering are sometimes considered as one group called the Njo people. Most of the Lampung Krui live in and around the towns of Krui, Sanggi, and Kotajawa on the southwest coast of Sumatera, the world’s fifth largest island.Sumatera is an island rich in natural resources, such as minerals, oil, and forest products. However, most of the land consists of thick forests, swamps, and volcanic mountains with many obstacles for transportation and communication.

What are their lives like?
The land where the Lampung Krui live is flat and swampy. This type of land is very suitable for rice farming. Most of the Lampung Krui earn a living as farmers and small traders. Their crops are mainly sold at local markets or shops. Their lives are difficult and their incomes are low. Many children are forced to drop out of school to help supplement the family income.Lampung Krui houses usually consist of two main rooms. The first room serves as a bedroom while the second, which is larger, is used as a place to receive guests or for family gatherings. The walls and floor are constructed of wood and bamboo. The roof is clay tile or woven palm leaves.The father is the head of the family and may have more than one wife. Nevertheless, seldom does a man have more than one wife due to economic obligations. It is the wife’s responsibility to manage the home and the children. In addition, Lampung Krui women also work in the rice fields.

What are their beliefs?
The overwhelming majority of Lampung Krui embrace Islam, which has a tremendous influence on their culture. Followers of Islam believe they will be judged on their knowledge of the Qu’ran, their sacred book, as well as what they did with their lives. Some are devoutly religious people who say their prayers five times daily. Besides the teachings of Islam and its strong influence on their culture, the Krui also have strong beliefs and accompanying practices concerning the powers of spirits. These beliefs influence various facets of their lives. Some believe whistling in a house at night can invite evil spirits. Also, there is the belief that traveling on your birthday is bad luck. Many Lampung Krui wear amulets with verses from the Qur’an (Islamic Holy Book) written on them. Belief in the powers of dukun (shaman/healer/occultist) is still very strong. The dukun is usually called to heal the sick or cast out evil spirits. Because of their fear of evil spirits, the Lampung Krui try to live good lives so as to be careful not to become the targets for the anger of the evil spirits.

What are their needs?
The physical needs of the Lampung Krui are many. Most of them still live in poverty. Improved health care and clean water are two of the greatest needs of this people. Sufficient formal education has not reached all of the Lampung Krui yet, so there is a significant need for more schools and teachers.Another need is for investors to advance the industrial sector in the areas where the Lampung Krui people live since this is one area that has not been significantly developed.

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